Lower Alloways Creek Township

Police Department



501 Locust Island Road P.O. Box 142  Hancock's Bridge, NJ 08038

Director’s Message

Modern Law Enforcement has been enhanced by a myriad of technological advances. The days of foraging through drawers and files for needed  information have passed.  Armed only with keyboard and monitor, today’s Officer can access infinite resources resulting in speed and efficiency unheard of in the not so distant past. The newest tools of the trade available to the well trained Officer include ground breaking forensics, advanced communications, on board computers, and digital recording devices to name a few. The genuine measure of an outstanding police department however, is not its modern equipment.  It is not the advanced training or state of the art technology described here. This is not it.

The real measure of a police department lies within the character of its officers. Lower Alloways Creek has assembled a cadre of professional Officers with dedication and commitment that is second to none.  These are officers of heart and quality. They are the essence of our true strength.  They are always ready. Committed to service, safety, and community.

It is rare to find assembled together the caliber of Officers we have here in Lower Alloways Creek.  Officers of courage and fortitude working together for a common goal.  Officers of our community and each one unique.  Each one a true soldier ready to step up.  Ready to face any challenge here on the home front in these uncertain times.  From aiding with sensitivity and compassion the sick or injured to taking down a violent fugitive, the job is being done by our finest, right here, every day. 

Lower Alloways Creek is a unique community. Thus far eluding the tidal wave of strip malls and developments. We remain rich in history and traditional values. I can say with confidence the officers of our Police Department share these values and will protect them without fail.

As with our sworn officers, the day to day operations requires civilian staff personnel.    Lower Alloways Creek Police Departments civilian personnel  play an integral part in the successful daily operations supporting administrators and police officers.

My time serving in an administrative capacity with the men of this Department has given me the confidence to ensure our community of their commitment to you.  It is with honor and pride that I serve with such men. 


David L. Sowers Sr.






 the confidence to ensure our community of their commitment to you. It is with honor and pride that I serve with such men.


David L. Sowers Sr.